Tangerine Skies







Lately I’ve been obsessed with sunsets. I wander dense forests in search of the perfect light- glowing orange rays peeking through the trees. Watching the sky dim to yellows and reds makes me feel connected to the earth; almost as if I can feel the cycle of day to night seer through my body, just by taking the time to enjoy it.

I shot these photos of my beautiful friend, Amanda Jacobs, at sunset, and she was a wonderful sport. Amanda wore a gorgeous fur stole that she purchased on a road trip we took to Springfield Missouri, where we scoured local thrift stores for their best finds. I liked the contrast of her light blonde hair with the strong sun gleaming on her face. The light hit individual strands of hair just the way I wanted it to. Amanda is a wonderful model, and an even more wonderful friend. These photos make me very happy. I love you, Amanda!


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