I love to snack on something healthy in the middle of the day. I practice a lot of yoga at our local studio, Amara, and I’m obsessed with Cassy Ho’s workout videos (check out her YouTube channel here:

It feels great to stay fit and healthy, and I usually opt for a yummy pick-me-up like a yogurt parfait before a workout.

But today, I indulged! I tried the green tea frappaccino from Starbucks. There’s been a lot of research about green tea, suggesting that it can fight cancer, heart disease, lower cholesterol, and burn fat. What’s not to love?! You must try the frappaccino, it’s absolute heaven. I paired it with a piece of hazelnut coffee cake– yum! Off to a yoga class now, but here are some shots of my snack!




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One thought on “Snackin’

  1. I used to be totally obsessed with those my freshman year of college at SIUE. I need it every day to survive. It was quite a wonderful addiction. I can’t get over that photo of roxy…. It’s wonderful! XO

    love, polly

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